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Reality is Broken
Posted at 14:22 on 16th December 2011

Reality is Broken Jane McGonigal ISBN 978-0-22-408925-8 Firstly, for those of you in a hurry: if you’re looking for a good gaming-related book to read over the holidays, I would emphatically recommend Tristan Donovan’s Replay (a deep and absorbing gaming history that looks far beyond the well-worn stories of the American and Japanese giants), closely […]

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The Guinness Book of Games PR
Posted at 22:00 on 4th March 2009

There has been a growing trend of late to try to revitalise brands by tenuously affiliating them with video games. American gamers have been wooed with snacks, soft drinks and (erm) shaving products which are somehow conducive to the gamer ‘lifestyle’. The people at the Guinness Book of World Records (presumably facing dwindling sales in […]

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Some recent books about games
Posted at 19:32 on 14th January 2007

Game On!: From Pong to Oblivion – The 50 Greatest Video Games of All Time Simon Byron, Ste Curran and David McCarthy Headline, £14.99 ISBN: 978-0755315703 This rather awkwardly titled volume is a slickly presented celebration of the best experiences gaming has to offer, as chosen by three veteran games writers (who these days can […]

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