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I’m Robin Clarke, a producer of computer games based in London, England.

Over the last decade and a half I’ve had many colourful adventures in the games industry, working at various times for JoWooD, CDV, Morpheme, Mastertronic and Zattikka. Currently I am a producer at AppyNation, a new developer-owned digital publisher.

I also occasionally write articles, participate in game jams and give talks. Sometimes I get asked Wot I Think by various magazines and websites.

When I’m not obsessing over games, my other hobbies include attending various gatherings of writers and techies in the capital, watching comedy, designing things and drinking in parks.

The website www.citystate.co.uk was established on January 1st 2006 to provide a central repository for various musings about games, some of which were previously published elsewhere. I can be contacted by email (‘contact’ AT this domain) or Twitter. I never respond to unsolicited messages sent as LinkedIn invites (and still they come).

Quick facts

Name: Robin Clarke
Twitter: rclarke
ZX Spectrum or C64? Spectrum
Mega Drive or SNES? Mega Drive
PC or Mac? PC
Favourite game: Toejam & Earl
Favourite film: Brazil
Name works in the Mickey Mouse Club song: YES



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