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COD:IW and the Windows Store
Posted at 20:35 on 4th November 2016

There’s recently been a little bit of a kerfuffle about Activision making the puzzling decision to release a separate (UWP) version of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on the Windows Store, in which the multiplayer mode only allows you to play with other UWP players (and not with players who have bought the game anywhere […]

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One Life Left presents Marioke
Posted at 01:47 on 22nd February 2015

Video game karaoke (that is to say, karaoke to popular songs with the lyrics wittily rewritten to be about video games) has long been a staple of the One Life Left (Resonance FM’s long-running video game radio show/podcast) Christmas Party. But evidently once a year wasn’t enough. For the last several months, the One Life […]

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