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“Lady Marmalade”
Posted at 22:36 on 20th March 2023

My most recent contribution to the Maraoke video game karaoke songlist – first performed 18/03/2023 by myself and Lupine. (Thanks to Lupine for transcribing and adding images to the version on the Maraoke system.) This is a song about the infamous 1980s home micro game The Great Giana Sisters. Please note that some dramatic license […]

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“Undone (The Sweater Song)”
Posted at 01:42 on 22nd February 2015

My most recently contributed Marioke song. The Commodore 64 is not better than the ZX Spectrum. “Console Rivalry” – after “Undone (The Sweater Song)” by Weezer In the Eighties Schoolkids Would tease Classmates Who played The wrong Machine Commodore – 64 is better Who likes the – Spectrum anyway (Break) Oh no Consoles Replaced Micros […]

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