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Exhibiting old games
Posted at 00:10 on 13th October 2016

Earlier in the year I visited the ‘Power Up!‘ games event at the Science Museum in London. I realised that I’ve been attending showings of old games (in various settings) for over a decade now. Arcades may be long dead in the West, but putting a load of old consoles and micros and CRT monitors […]

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Some recent books about games
Posted at 19:32 on 14th January 2007

Game On!: From Pong to Oblivion – The 50 Greatest Video Games of All Time Simon Byron, Ste Curran and David McCarthy Headline, £14.99 ISBN: 978-0755315703 This rather awkwardly titled volume is a slickly presented celebration of the best experiences gaming has to offer, as chosen by three veteran games writers (who these days can […]

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The Game On exhibition
Posted at 23:40 on 21st November 2006

A few weeks ago I visited the Game On Exhibition at the Science Museum in London. For those who want an in-depth description of what the show offers and the overall impression that the typical game-savvy visitor is left with, I can recommend the official site and this review by Duncan Lawson, which largely tallies […]

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