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Deluxe Paint
Posted at 13:00 on 9th August 2009

It must be hard for the younger generation to imagine what gaming was like in the 20th century. A case in point: up until the early 1990s, one of the main motivators for playing (or completing) new games was seeing new graphics. The amount of computer imagery being generated anywhere in the world at the […]

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Smoke and mirrors
Posted at 19:46 on 24th August 2008

Games developers are illusionists. Convincing players to mentally conjure places, people and stories out of rudimentary arrangements of switches and blinking lights demands something more than just engineering skill. As hardware has grown ever more powerful and sophisticated, the need for creative sleight-of-hand has not diminished. That whizzy new console may provide a leap in […]

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There is no plateau
Posted at 22:18 on 17th August 2006

At some point we’ve all read (on a magazine letters page, forum or news site) a version of the following argument: “The move from 2D to 3D graphics was a big step. The only advance that’s possible from 3D graphics is prettier 3D graphics. Ergo, graphics technology has plateaued and I was right to buy […]

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