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A Winter World of Love
Posted at 20:04 on 29th January 2011

Yesterday, the second ‘World of Love‘ indie games development conference was held at Conway Hall in Bloomsbury. The day was packed with interesting talks from developers with disparate approaches and levels of experience. Participants brought practical advice and anecdotes, inspiring calls to action, and willy jokes. Here’s a run-down of the day’s events: Ricky Haggett […]

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Mini Game Jam, April 2010
Posted at 23:33 on 19th April 2010

Last weekend, a collective noun of UK indie games developers were invited to the North London home of Honeyslug‘s Ricky Haggett for an intensive two-day programme of designing and implementing experimental games. Among the attendees were the host Ricky (Kahoots, Poto & Kabenga), Terry Cavanagh (Don’t Look Back, VVVVVV), Craig Forrester (Ishisoft), Elliot Curtis (Making […]

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