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More recent iOS picks
Posted at 02:45 on 11th March 2012

I can’t believe it’s been over six months since I’ve done one of these. I finally retired my trusty iPhone 3GS last week and upgraded to a 4S, so have revisited some more hardware-intensive games along with the more typical 2D fare. (This also means that the following brain flobs represent more rigorous real-world testing […]

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Recent iOS picks
Posted at 01:49 on 1st August 2011

Given the transient nature of mobile games it might be useful to occasionally take a snapshot of the games I currently have in rotation (in a ‘New Games’ folder on the first page of my iPhone’s menu). Even from this tiny sample it’s possible to see how many iOS games that until recently would have […]

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Isoball is go!
Posted at 17:37 on 12th December 2010

Earlier in the week we finally hit the big scary launch button on Isoball, the iOS/Android puzzle game that I’ve been producing at Zattikka for the last few months. You can get the lowdown in the launch press release, and versions for iPhone/iPad Touch, iPad and Android are now available on their respective App Stores. […]

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