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Morpheme 1999 – 2008
Posted at 20:00 on 8th September 2008

On June 30th 2008, after nine eventful years, London-based games developer Morpheme Game Studios officially ceased to exist. You’ve probably not heard of Morpheme. Like dozens (perhaps hundreds) of other small developers in the UK, they quietly went about their business for years without ever being thrust into the limelight by a blockbuster hit or […]

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Prism: Light The Way
Posted at 18:39 on 11th January 2007

In the interest of full disclosure, I should point out that I was connected to the development of this game, and although I do not stand to gain commercially from its success, my views are inevitably going to be subjective. Don’t consider this a review, just a gentle prod that this game exists. PRISM: Light […]

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