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Writing for games
Posted at 20:17 on 17th February 2008

Earlier this month, Lindesay Irvine made a post on the Guardian’s books blog bemoaning the news that thriller writer James Patterson was collaborating with Oberon Media on a casual game. Irvine’s confusion and apprehension at this specific instance of a writer crossing over into a new medium (he seemed, perhaps understandably, to be unaware of […]

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Cyrodiil on fifty Septims a day
Posted at 17:27 on 1st May 2006

  So, Oblivion then. I’ve put in about 100 hours so far, which goes some way to explaining why this site hasn’t been updated for a while. The game is currently being experienced by about two million people, which is pretty good going considering it’s not exceptionally mainstream in terms of genre or hardware requirements […]

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