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BBFC great says BBFC boss
Posted at 13:45 on 9th October 2008

Age classification for games in the UK is currently undergoing an upheaval. Presently we have a dual system, with the voluntary Europe-wide PEGI system applied to all games, and the legally enforceable BBFC 15 and 18 ratings also used in cases which fall under the BBFC’s remit (i.e. games with graphic violence, sex and adult […]

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Is it time for the US to scrap ESRB ratings?
Posted at 20:55 on 21st May 2007

From a UK perspective, the voluntary age rating system used by games publishers in the US (the ESRB ratings) seems to be pretty badly broken. In the UK, virtually all commercial games are submitted to the PEGI rating system (which covers most of Europe with the exception of Germany, which has its own ultra-strict government-enforced […]

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