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GameCamp 2016 (#gamecamp8)
Posted at 23:26 on 27th May 2016

London’s leading games unconference, GameCamp, returned to London South Bank University last Saturday after a two year hiatus. This year the event was relocated to the university’s media building, which turned out to be a more suitable venue than the Keyworth Centre building where the last few were held. The lecture theatres and classrooms available […]

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Low Battery
Posted at 19:55 on 11th March 2014

I’ve been tinkering with PuzzleScript on and off for a few months now, but over the last few days I’ve put together a complete game with it, which you can play here (source here). It’s a Sokoban variant (which is what PuzzleScript is best at after all), based around having an ever-depleting stock of moves, […]

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Posted at 20:16 on 30th November 2009

Machinarium is a point and click adventure game for the PC by Czech independent development studio Amanita Design. I still dimly recall playing Amanita’s debut game Samarost in 2003, and thinking at the time that I’d pay good money for a full-length, commercially released game with the same gameplay style. (Samarost was more of an […]

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