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Are Valve the baddies?
Posted at 23:27 on 9th June 2018

Valve have made an announcement about their review policy for the Steam store. This has resulted in several extremely angry editorials from the games press, who have (perhaps reasonably) interpreted this to mean that Valve intend to take an almost completely hands-off approach to moderating their platform, in the style of leading internet hellholes Reddit […]

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Achievements: do all games really need them?
Posted at 23:00 on 22nd November 2008

Achievements. Trophies. Badges. They go by many names, but the concept of doling out meaningless (and yet strangely compelling) “meta” rewards for completing a catalogue of in-game tasks (ranging from the trivial to the impossible, the obvious to the obtuse) has become practically mandatory for any new game or platform. Xbox Live popularised the idea […]

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