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Forever Drive: Fixed
Posted at 16:10 on 7th November 2011

Over the weekend Supermono released a version 1.1 update for Forever Drive, which fixes many of the issues that I outlined in my previous post. From the patch notes: * You can now report bad tracks from a button and it will be erased from our servers once it has been vetted via email * […]

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Fixing Forever Drive
Posted at 00:32 on 20th October 2011

I’d been looking forward to Supermono’s iOS arcade racer Forever Drive since it was previewed at the World of Love conference in January. So when I heard the other day that not only was it finally out but it was a free download to boot, I didn’t need any further encouragement to check it out. […]

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A Winter World of Love
Posted at 20:04 on 29th January 2011

Yesterday, the second ‘World of Love‘ indie games development conference was held at Conway Hall in Bloomsbury. The day was packed with interesting talks from developers with disparate approaches and levels of experience. Participants brought practical advice and anecdotes, inspiring calls to action, and willy jokes. Here’s a run-down of the day’s events: Ricky Haggett […]

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