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The Role of Ice Cream Vans in Gaming
Posted at 09:00 on 23rd March 2009

An Ice Cream Van (or Ice Cream Truck in American English) is a mobile ice cream parlour, typically painted with gaudy images of frozen treats and/or unlicensed Disney characters. Ice cream vans are driven around residential areas to dispense ice cream cornets, lollies and cans of fizzy pop. I’m sure we all have fond childhood […]

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The Mega Drive is 20
Posted at 19:30 on 6th December 2008

I’m slightly late with this one (the Mega Drive’s birthday was on the 29th October) but I realise that I’ve never written anything on this site about the console that was in many ways Sega’s greatest contribution to gaming outside of the arcade – and certainly the system that had the greatest transformative effect on […]

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How not to review old games
Posted at 00:02 on 22nd February 2007

I don’t like the idea of ‘retro gaming’. That is to say, I don’t like using the term ‘retro’ to describe games released several years ago. It seems to imply that old games (encapsulated as a single monolithic entity) should be treated differently to newer games. This distinction comes from a misunderstanding of why people […]

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The sort of thing I like
Posted at 23:03 on 10th January 2006

The best way to illustrate the qualities that I consider important in games is to give some examples of games that I’ve derived a lot of enjoyment from over an extended period of time. Most of the games listed below will most likely be revisited and discussed in greater detail in forthcoming posts. I’d hope […]

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