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E3 2009: Project Natal
Posted at 23:03 on 1st June 2009

A few hours ago Microsoft held their E3 press conference. It was a low key affair as these things go. A slate of solid-looking third- and first-party games were trailed, with a couple of surprise announcements that were vague enough to be enthusiastically overstated. (The MGS reveal, for example – obviously not an exclusive, possibly […]

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E3 press conference reactions
Posted at 22:44 on 16th July 2008

The three console manufacturers have made their annual addresses to US retail laying out their wares and plans for the rest of the year. The general consensus seems to be that this was very much business as usual, with no earth-shattering announcements. Microsoft reeled off an impressive array of third party content, all of which […]

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Greenberg speaks, world facepalms
Posted at 19:34 on 7th July 2008

I don’t want to make a habit out of making fun of people on this site, but this week Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg (who we saw defending the insane pricing of the Xbox 360 HDD a while back), is coming out with stuff that’s too good to ignore: “I think that there’s a difference in the […]

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The Xbox 360 Reliability Saga
Posted at 22:22 on 10th July 2007

So, it turns out that Xbox 360s break down rather a lot. But then Microsoft quite unexpectedly decided to tackle the problem head on, putting measures in place to make sure that everyone who has seen or may see the dreaded “ring of death” error code (three red lights on the LED display on the […]

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