World of Love Game Jam, June 2010
Posted at 22:01 on 6th July 2010 - permalink

Spurred on by the success of earlier UK indie game jams (including this one), Ricky “Honeyslug” Haggett, Terry “VVVVVV” Cavanagh and co. organised a weekend jam to coincide with Pixel-Lab’s World of Love indie development conference. In spite of my continued insistence that I can’t program, I went along, and even made a couple of (fairly awful) games. Over two dozen other gaming enthusiasts also showed up, including Eskil Steenberg and Kieron Gillen.

You can read my rather whimsical report on the event at Honeyslug’s site.

You can play the game I made as well as everyone else’s at Cambridge Friendship Club.

But please, do not play Vegetable Game.

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