“Get Back”
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My latest contribution to the Maraoke video game karaoke songlist – first performed 17/09/2022.

Self-explanatory really – a song about the merits of jetpacks in games, starting with (probably?) the earliest game to feature them.

– after “Get Back” by The Beatles

Stampers made a game that won the Golden Joystick
Back in 1983
Wrote it on the Spectrum, ported it to the Vic
-Twenty and the BBC

Jetpac! Jetpac!
Unlockable in Donkey Kong
Jetpac! Jetpac!
Too cack to base a whole song on

Jetpac, Stampers


Go home

Jetpac, Jetpac
Property of Microsoft
Jetpac, Jetpac
Get that tape down from your loft

Jetpac, tho’


Sweet Sean Murray’s game had a whole universe in
Every planet was unique
Had to give his players some way to traverse ’em
What solution did he seek

Oh jetpacks! Jetpacks!
Jetpacks make any game more fun
Jetpacks! Jetpacks!
More practical than jump and run

Jetpacks, Sean Murray!

[Guitar Solo]

Go home

Oh jetpacks! Yeah jetpacks!
Yeah that’s a good Spelunky run
Jetpacks! Jetpacks!
“They fly now”, quips Po Damaron


Jetpacks, developers
Your player’s are waiting on you
Whether it’s Just Cause II
Or in San Andreas
Jetpacks always save us

Jetpacks! Jetpacks!
Jetpacks make any game more fun
Oh jetpacks! Jetpacks!

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