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My latest contribution to the Maraoke video game karaoke songlist – first performed 14/02/2020.

– after “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel

Hey hey you
Let me just log you in

You could have a clean brain
If you just paid down your tags
You could have an Astrolabe trying
To complete your Brute-Force-Hack
All you do is draw me
I’ll breach anything you need

You could have an Icebreaker
Slow their servers down, confound defence
You could have a Datasucker, sucking
This intrusion never ends

I wanna be a Netrunner
Bought every card in the game
Oh Let me be your Netrunner
Will you build the deck to pwn me?


Show me round your Crash Space
On our Executive Retreat
Open up your Brain Cage
With your suit that’s a shield of plascrete

I wanna be a Netrunner
It was a Living Card Game
Now there’ll be no more Netrunner
Maybe for the best
No longer be a Netrunner
Wizards taking back their IP
Bye then, Netrunner
They can’t sell the game without it



My deck is tight!
I hacked the planet
(Hacked the planet, hacked the planet)
Jacked right in
(Jacked right in)
Just like a Newtype
(Like a Newtype)
I’m enhanced again
(We’re enhanced again)
Got Bioroids for me
(‘Roids for me)
AI clones of you
(Clones of you) (Me!)
Clones of me
(Clones of me)
Oh, AI clones of you
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I do mean you
(Clones of me)
Only you
You’ve been coming through
(Clones of you)
Up that beanstalk tower
Build build up that tower, ow!
Come on come on hack me do
I’ve been hacking the Gibson
I’ve been hacking the Gibson…

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