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GameCamp 2011 (#gc4)
Posted at 14:39 on 15th May 2011

Yesterday I attended the fourth GameCamp event, held at London South Bank University’s Keyworth Centre. As with the previous GameCamps I attended (2008, 2010), the event was organised following the ‘unconference’ model. Attendees were free to book any one of fifteen rooms throughout the day in 30 minute slots, to talk about (or play) anything […]

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On the closing of Metaplace
Posted at 22:55 on 5th January 2010

Shortly before Christmas it was announced that Metaplace was closing its doors to the public on January 1st 2010. Metaplace (which I briefly wrote about last year) was the web-based virtual world construction kit masterminded by Raph Koster (of Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies and Theory of Fun fame), had shown a great deal of […]

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Posted at 20:16 on 30th November 2009

Machinarium is a point and click adventure game for the PC by Czech independent development studio Amanita Design. I still dimly recall playing Amanita’s debut game Samarost in 2003, and thinking at the time that I’d pay good money for a full-length, commercially released game with the same gameplay style. (Samarost was more of an […]

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Kiwitiki: Flower Paradise
Posted at 00:29 on 29th November 2009

Followers of my twitter feed might have gathered that this is what I’ve been up to at work over the last few weeks – arranging for this game to be sponsored by We launched it on the site earlier this week and you can play it here. The developers inform me that the iPhone […]

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Posted at 23:00 on 14th March 2009

This is something that doesn’t happen enough these days: stumbling across a new, unheralded game and then not being able to stop playing it, for the rest of the afternoon, until it’s beaten. And then blogging about it to enthuse about how awesome it is. The game in question is Knightfall, a new Flash-based puzzle […]

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