Kiwitiki: Flower Paradise
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Followers of my twitter feed might have gathered that this is what I’ve been up to at work over the last few weeks – arranging for this game to be sponsored by We launched it on the site earlier this week and you can play it here. The developers inform me that the iPhone version should also be available on the App Store by the time you read this.

Kiwitiki is the first game by two-man Canadian indie games studio Dijiko. It’s a platform game with a few unique twists on the formula. There are no enemies or environmental hazards and no time limit. Just a kiwi, a sunkissed tropical island, and hundreds of flowers to collect. The visual style of the game recalls Paper Mario, Yoshi’s Island and Super Monkey Ball, a refreshing change from the greys and browns of most modern PC games.

Kiwitiki (gameplay)

The controls are also unconventional, using the mouse to simulate analogue movement. This takes a little bit of getting used to but affords much more fluid control of the kiwi’s speed than would have been possible with digital controls.

While it’s fairly easy to muddle through the levels to the exit gate, the real challenge is in achieving the Silver and Gold score ranks, which involves firstly figuring out the optimum route through each level to maximise your combo score. I’m a fairly unspectacular platform game player (I managed to do Luigi’s Purple Coins, but it took me about a hundred attempts), but I reckon that getting the Gold rank on some of the later levels will be challenging for most players.

You can play the game here, as well as on Facebook.

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