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Resident Evil 4
Posted at 23:49 on 14th June 2007

“Resident Evil 4, to sum up, is the best game on the GameCube. But it’s not just the best game on the GameCube.It’s the best game of this generation, it’s the best game- “It’s the best game.” Robert Florence, Consolevania Series 1 Episode 7 It’s easy to be cynical. These days, when any moderately entertaining […]

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Postcards from Aether
Posted at 20:59 on 24th February 2006

I’ve already mentioned how hugely impressed I was (and still am) with the two Metroid Prime games. The first game was an amazingly finely crafted statement of intent by Retro Studios, which had the benefit of a long development period during which to hone the level design and smooth out any wrinkles in the difficulty […]

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