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UK games need public money
Posted at 12:38 on 22nd April 2009

The United Kingdom has had an incredibly rich history as a producer of video games. Historically we’ve been the only country outside of the US and Japan to have consistently enjoyed international success (although South Korea and China are on their way to joining us at the top table). Even though the UK games industry […]

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Gaming (and cakes) will kill you
Posted at 15:00 on 9th March 2009

A quick update to condemn this idiocy: “The Government’s Change4Life campaign upped the ante in drawing spurious links between games and premature death this week. The British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK and Cancer Research have all lent their name to a new print campaign (pictured here), which shows a gamer risking an early grave by […]

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Posted at 10:00 on 4th April 2008

In a break from our usual programming, I made a game: “Scrumper is a game that allows the player to engage in the ‘victimless’ crime of apple theft from the comfort of their own home. The object of the game is to catch as many falling apples as possible.” It has already received glowing testimonials […]

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Writing for games
Posted at 20:17 on 17th February 2008

Earlier this month, Lindesay Irvine made a post on the Guardian’s books blog bemoaning the news that thriller writer James Patterson was collaborating with Oberon Media on a casual game. Irvine’s confusion and apprehension at this specific instance of a writer crossing over into a new medium (he seemed, perhaps understandably, to be unaware of […]

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