Gaming (and cakes) will kill you
Posted at 15:00 on 9th March 2009 - permalink

A quick update to condemn this idiocy:

“The Government’s Change4Life campaign upped the ante in drawing spurious links between games and premature death this week.

The British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK and Cancer Research have all lent their name to a new print campaign (pictured here), which shows a gamer risking an early grave by ‘doing nothing’. It has appeared in women’s lifestyle press titles such as Star, Reveal and Heat.”


Perhaps one day we will have politicians in this country whose approach to modern technology doesn’t resemble a drunken chimp trying to play Kerplunk! while wearing boxing gloves.

You can complain to the ASA here, and join the Facebook group here.

Update: Why are cakes and games lethal, specifically? Because the campaign is funded by fast food and television companies. How pathetic.

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