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“The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll”
Posted at 17:13 on 27th November 2022

The first of two new songs contributed this month to the Maraoke video game karaoke songlist – first performed 19/11/2022. A song about the puritanical “wholesome games” cult (now thankfully mostly abandoned) that sprang up a couple of years ago. Finding a satisfying replacement for the “jumping frog” line remains a challenge (“lump in frogs”? […]

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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
Posted at 23:47 on 14th April 2015

How do you follow up a game like Hotline Miami? Hotline Miami challenged whole chapters of conventional PC game dogma. It was an indie game that didn’t slavishly pay homage to one of the handful of games the developers grew up with. There were no fantasy, sci-fi or military trappings. The player had agency in […]

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