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Killzonegate: the truth at last?
Posted at 19:35 on 1st April 2006

A few posts back I had a mini-rant about people jumping to conclusions with regards to the Playstation 3 demonstration videos Sony showed last year at E3, in particular the seemingly too-good-to-be-true sequences shown for Killzone and Motorstorm. I wanted to point out how ridiculous it was that in the absence of conclusive evidence one […]

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Posted at 00:08 on 22nd January 2006

This is a topic that you might expect to see investigated by Video Game Media Watch, although they’ve gone off the boil a bit recently so I thought I’d have a stab at it. On May 16th, 2005, Sony Computer Entertainment demonstrated their forthcoming Playstation 3 console at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Part of […]

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