Killzonegate: the truth at last?
Posted at 19:35 on 1st April 2006 - permalink

A few posts back I had a mini-rant about people jumping to conclusions with regards to the Playstation 3 demonstration videos Sony showed last year at E3, in particular the seemingly too-good-to-be-true sequences shown for Killzone and Motorstorm. I wanted to point out how ridiculous it was that in the absence of conclusive evidence one way or the other, some people felt the need to fabricate explanations of the demonstrations’ origins in order to ‘prove’ Sony were being deceptive.

In the intervening period, new evidence seems to have come to light: representatives of Realtime UK, an animation studio who have done lots of games-related work in the past (including FMVs for Sony’s Buzz! series, and a concept video for Real Time Worlds’ forthcoming APB), are reported to have claimed responsibility for the creation of the demos.

Obviously neither Sony or Realtime are likely to officially comment on this, but taking into account the usually-reliable people I’ve heard this from, the fact that Edge were confident enough in their sources to make the connection in print, and the stylistic similarities between the E3 vids and the materials on show at Realtime’s website, it does look like the theory with the most weight behind it.

In other news, I’ve skirted life-consuming addictions to Mu-Cade, Grid Wars 2 and Chibi-Robo, only to fall directly into Oblivion. Stay tuned for further updates once I’ve earned ‘respeck’ on the mean ‘streetz’ of Cyrodiil, or whatever the sub-Tolkien beardy equivalent is.

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