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Dead Space Extraction: Hmm.
Posted at 23:01 on 10th July 2009

“Criticism written without personal feeling is not worth reading. It is the capacity for making good or bad art a personal matter that makes a man a critic. The artist who accounts for my disparagement by alleging personal animosity on my part is quite right: when people do less than their best, and do that […]

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Resident Evil 4
Posted at 23:49 on 14th June 2007

“Resident Evil 4, to sum up, is the best game on the GameCube. But it’s not just the best game on the GameCube.It’s the best game of this generation, it’s the best game- “It’s the best game.” Robert Florence, Consolevania Series 1 Episode 7 It’s easy to be cynical. These days, when any moderately entertaining […]

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The sort of thing I like
Posted at 23:03 on 10th January 2006

The best way to illustrate the qualities that I consider important in games is to give some examples of games that I’ve derived a lot of enjoyment from over an extended period of time. Most of the games listed below will most likely be revisited and discussed in greater detail in forthcoming posts. I’d hope […]

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