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“Nothing Ever Happens”
Posted at 17:13 on 27th November 2022

The second of two new songs contributed this month to the Maraoke video game karaoke songlist – first performed 19/11/2022 by Robert Wells. It’s about the Sega Saturn. “No-One Bought A Saturn” – after “Nothing Ever Happens” by Del Amitri GameStation staff put up signs saying previously owned And stack the shelves with Fighting Vipers […]

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Lookback: Gunstar Super Heroes
Posted at 15:46 on 7th June 2008

Continuing the trawl through my old games writing, here’s a look at Treasure’s 2005 remake of their breakthrough hit Gunstar Heroes. My opinion of the game hasn’t really changed, it’s a technically strong but otherwise unremarkable romp. At the time of course we didn’t realise that Gunstar and games like it would represent the peak […]

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