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(Most of) My Maraoke Songs
Posted at 01:47 on 22nd February 2015

Note: As of late 2019, Marioke has been renamed Maraoke. Video game karaoke (that is to say, karaoke to popular songs with the lyrics wittily rewritten to be about video games) has long been a staple of the One Life Left (Resonance FM’s long-running video game radio show/podcast) Christmas Party. But evidently once a year […]

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Another Marioke song. This hasn’t been used as there is already another contribution on file for the base song. “VVVVVV” – after “DNA” by Little Mix Does the gravity flip you when you least expect it? Do you mash at ‘Restart’ as you plunge to your death? No time rewind Or quicksave key Your spiky […]

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Super Hexagon
Posted at 22:16 on 17th September 2012

Terry Cavanagh recently released his first mobile game, Super Hexagon. The game is notable for (at least) two technical reasons – firstly it is a conversion and expansion of the game Hexagon which sprung almost fully formed from a game jam, and secondly as it’s an iOS game coded in Flash (something of a rarity). […]

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