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Readers of this site who only use the RSS feed or who haven’t explored the links in the sidebar may have missed some of the features that have been implemented over the last few months, so here’s a quick recap.

Twitter: I now use twitter fairly extensively and find it augments the site well. New blog posts will always be announced there, and I also link to interesting articles (and games) elsewhere that don’t warrant a long-form blog entry. Follow me on twitter.

Shops: I’ve set up Spreadshirt and Amazon storefronts. The Spreadshirt store currently offers some t-shirts that I made for my own amusement and to test the service. The quality of their printing process is exceptional. I intend to add some additional (more gaming-related) designs in future but the process is quite labour intensive. The Amazon store features a selection of games and books that have the Citystate seal of approval.

Behind the scenes: I started building this site around 2005 before WordPress offered many basic amenities. I’ve since made some progress in bringing it up to date: adding back the comment system and blogroll, integrating WordPress’s media library properly, and adding the fancy carousel on the front page, among other things.

Content: There’s now quite a lot of it. The historically most popular articles have been the Restaurant City guide, Resident Evil 4, Writing for games, Games for Windows 2000 and Some recent books about games. The ones I’m most satisfied with include the NGPC Retrospective, the Morpheme history, Smoke and Mirrors and this nonsense.

As ever, any feedback can be directed to email (contact (AT) this site), comments or twitter.

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