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Reaction to the Syndicate leak
Posted at 18:30 on 11th September 2011

Yesterday the first details of the industry’s worst kept secret, ‘Project Redlime’ – a.k.a. Starbreeze’s ‘reimagining’ of the Bullfrog classic Syndicate – started to dribble out onto the global infoweb. The scant information that has been revealed – a product description and some screenshots – has been met with howls of derision from people who […]

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Deluxe Paint
Posted at 13:00 on 9th August 2009

It must be hard for the younger generation to imagine what gaming was like in the 20th century. A case in point: up until the early 1990s, one of the main motivators for playing (or completing) new games was seeing new graphics. The amount of computer imagery being generated anywhere in the world at the […]

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Dead Space Extraction: Hmm.
Posted at 23:01 on 10th July 2009

“Criticism written without personal feeling is not worth reading. It is the capacity for making good or bad art a personal matter that makes a man a critic. The artist who accounts for my disparagement by alleging personal animosity on my part is quite right: when people do less than their best, and do that […]

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