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“Message In A Bottle (Carmen Sandiego)”
Posted at 01:42 on 22nd February 2015

Another Marioke song, co-written with Sara Passmore for the 2014 One Life Left Christmas Party. “Carmen Sandiego” – after “Message In A Bottle” by The Police Working for ACME Detective Agency, oh Treasures stolen from Bangkok or Kigali, oh A VILE henchman Was witnessed at the scene Don’t know where she went just know where […]

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Another Marioke song. This hasn’t been used as there is already another contribution on file for the base song. “VVVVVV” – after “DNA” by Little Mix Does the gravity flip you when you least expect it? Do you mash at ‘Restart’ as you plunge to your death? No time rewind Or quicksave key Your spiky […]

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One Life Left Karaoke: “Get Lucky (Spelunky)”
Posted at 19:47 on 20th January 2014

As performed at the One Life Left 2013 Christmas party. In my defence this was written last Summer before Get Lucky got played to death and became Boring Geoff Keighley’s favourite song. Enjoy. “Spelunky” – after “Get Lucky” as performed by Daft Punk (Verse 1.) This game is unforgiving Go back to the beginning Try […]

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